3 minute online comedies – THE SECRET LIVES OF THE ‘GUESS WHO?’ CHARACTERS

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Remember the board game ‘GUESS WHO?’ ?  It’s celebrating its 30th birthday!

To mark this momentous occasion, our film crew have tracked down the game’s original characters…

Here, for the first time, are the stories of their lives…


Starring Lou Conran, Keith Carter (BBC Comedy Shuffle) and Rob Hallam, with Daisy Haggard (Psychoville) and Jessica Hall (Lunch Monkeys)

Written by Lou Conran and Rick Laxton

Scroll down or click on the menu on the right to watch the films.

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watch ERIC

Blonde hair, brown eyes, strange cap…

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watch SUSAN

White hair, rosy cheeks, massive lips…

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watch PHILIP

Curly hair, curly beard, curly eyebrows…

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watch GEORGE

Grey hair, grey trilby, miserable face…

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watch MARIA

Green beret, brown eyes, wonky mouth…

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the films were made by…

DOES YOURS HAVE GLASSES? is written, produced and directed by Lou Conran and Rick Laxton.

They didn’t have any budget, but a lot of very nice people gave up their time and talents for free.

For more info on Lou, Rick and the brilliant cast and crew, scroll down or click on the menu on the right.

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